Captain Marvel Movie Review

The Frames Per Second cast reviews the MCU’s Captain Marvel movie. Captain Marvel is a Kree warrior who winds up in a battle between her people and the Skrulls. Naturally Na returns to discuss if the movie lived up to our expectations and if it’s a good movie. 

Listen to our episode about our expectations for the move here: ‘Oscars Recap & Captain Marvel Expectations

3 comments on Captain Marvel Movie Review

  1. William Clarke says:

    first off, i don’t think this is as bad as myke is saying, it’s definitely one of the MCU’s weakest movies yes but first off i think the captain america 1 was good and the same goes for this. Just good movies but not overly great. I don’t even feel that she had problems with her emotions because thats not shown well. Also I feel like Brie’s performance is just wooden for the most part because most of her line delivery are so deadpan and I’m not feeling the emotional weight under the performance although the chemistry between her and Sam Jackson is great. I hope we get a better performance from her in Endgame because maybe i could look back and say it was probably the directors’ or just the writing.

  2. William Clarke says:

    IDK if my last email went through for this episode but I just think the film is just good but not overly great. I feel like Brie’s performance just feels a bit wooden because most of her line delivery are just deadpan to me and I think its either due to the directors or how the way she is just written. When they say she has trouble with her emotions, I didn’t see that displayed at all in the film. It’s not one of their worst films (that goes to Thor The Dark World, Iron Man 2). Maybe it could be like how I felt with Thor and Cap. America (Their first films were good but when they were in the Avengers films they were better tho it took till Ragnarok for Thor to be better).

    1. depodcasts says:

      Thanks man! We’ll read the comment on the show and respond.

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