Last week we previewed the NCAA Tournament and since that time, all hell broke loose. A #16 seed beat a #1 seed for the first time in tourney history, multiple top seeds crashed and burned, and there were plenty of game winners and double-digit comebacks. We kick off this week show with our key takeaways from last week March Madness (1:05).
Afterward, we move on to the NBA touching on the Raptors and Rockets, Playoff Lebron, Carmelo Anthony’s legacy, and thoughts on ESPN’s 20 most dominant players article. 

Show Outline:

Tournament Takeaways (1:05)
Favorites to win it all (16:34)
Our brackets (19:46)
UVA’s loss to UMBC (16:50)
Most dominant college basketball team we’ve seen (24:32)
Trae Young NBA ready? (33:47)
Playoff Lebron (42:05)
Kyrie’s knee (55:20)
Time to trust the Rockets and Raptors (1:02:56)
Carmelo Anthony’s legacy (1:21:48)
20 Most Dominant Athletes reaction (1:27:40)

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