Are Ben Simmons and Greek Freak the Truth?

The NBA’s Ben Simmons and Greek Freak made a lot of noise in the first week of the basketball season. This week, we explore how good both can be. We also give you our World Series picks, discuss fraud NFL teams, and name sports teams we hate.

Here is today’s outline:

1:15 — NCAAF, MLB, NBA, NFL — What stood last week in sports
17:15 — World Series predictions 
27:34 — Buying or Selling — Jaguars, Bills, & Eagles
41:11 — How good can the Timberwolves be? 
46:31 — How good can the Sixers be? 
56:44 — Is Ben Simmons the future? 
1:10:44 — Is Greek Freak the truth?
1:21:54 — Most hated sports teams — What teams do you hate in each sport?
1:35:28 — 1 gotta go — from @1gottago (on twitter)

37 | Shad Moss’s Child Star Curse & The Mane Event

This week, Sophie breaks down her issues with Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir’s wedding last week. Plus we talk about Shad Moss and the issues child stars face transitioning into adulthood.

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TFP 42 – “2017-2018 NBA Season Preview”

– ALCS Game 7 Recap
– World Series preview
– Interview with Noah Torr previewing the upcoming NBA Season
– Fouls of the Week









Interview with Richard Dix from Forever Hip Hop

On this podcast, I sit down with Richard Dix for an interview about life, hip hop and his NEW clothing line (

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A Hip-Hop Podcast By Conner Ennis and Chris Platte To Be Named Later Ep. 3

This is the third episode of a new hip hop podcast series (To be named later) by Conner Ennis of Kick Back Hip Hop and myself, Chris Platte of Strictly Hip-Hop and Strictly Hoop Talk. In this episode’s news segment we discuss Eminem’s controversial cypher, Chuck D’s Hip Hop book and more For this week’s interview, we sit down to have an amazing conversation with one of the pioneers of the hip hop podcast game, Will Gill and Vonte the Pro of the Hip Hop Review Podcast! The two talk about the creation of the podcast, what it’s like to be in the music critic section of the industry, how the podcast has evolved, what’s the future and lastly, Vonte the Pro states his allegiance to OVO! All of this plus we answer the questions submitted by fans! 

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Nick Heal-American Psycho Interview (Featuring Nick Heal)

Local artist Nick Heal joins the show to discuss his latest mixtape American Psycho. Just less than a year removed from the release of his debut mixtape Somewhere in the Valley, Nick Heal is back with the American Psycho mixtape. In this episode Nick Heal reveals the inspiration behind American Psycho, the growing process as an artist, revealing in-depth break downs of every track, and where he plans to go next.


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Nick Heal


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Beauty & The HYPEBEAST

Can women and men be friends without relations? Is Cam Newton sexist? Has Nicki Minaj fallen off? Tune in to hear us discuss these topics and more.

Life Without Aaron Rodgers

Another week, another huge loss in fantasy football. After losing Odell Beckham, Jr. and David Johnson, this week it was Aaaron Rodgers turn. We have Rodgers on our team so this week, we talk through our options at QB without one of our top picks. Ken also goes through how he’s managing Zeke’s eventual suspension.