EP 11 | A Nerdcast on Mortal Kombat 11 & Royal Rumble

The G.O.A.T. and Mecha Kidd talk Mortal Kombat 11, Spider-Man and Royal Rumble.

Our Most Anticipated Games of 2019

In the first episode of 2019, we discuss our most anticipated games of 2019. What are yours?

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103 | Surviving R. Kelly, Bandersnatch, & Bird Box

We react to the Surviving R. Kelly documentary.

Time stamps:

Surviving R. Kelly (7:43)
Man attacks McDonald’s employee over straw (36:50)
Bandersnatch (47:19)
Bird Box (57:32)
Pass the Mic (1:13:20)

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EP 10 | A Nerdcast on 2019

Mecha Kidd and THE GOAT bring in the new year talking about movies, wrestling, and more.

EP 20 | Super Smash Brothers IS NOT Game of the Year

This week, we have a special announcement before we kick off the show. Afterwards, we hit the latest news, discuss bootlegging games, and jump on MeanMuggah11 his blasphemous comments about Mortal Kombat.

EP 19 | Dead Space is Stupid (ft. Kay is Better)

The Dead End Gaming crew is joined by gamer Kay Is Better. They talk about 21 Savage x Mortal Combat, the ridiculousness of Dead Space, and hit the latest gaming news. You can follow Kay at:

EP 18 | Superman is Overrated (ft. Omar)

This week, Omar stops by the show to kick it with us. We talk about the latest news around Rocksteady’s decision to not make a Superman game. Granddad Woolly also recommends a game that they should be making. Follow Omar: