Thursday – MF (The Weak End II)

Today is the last day we bring you a bonus unreleased track from MondayFriday as they prepare for the release of the album tomorrow. This track is titled “MF(The Weak Ends II)”. Be sure to head over to their bandcamp and support.

Wednesday – Brian Nichols Feat. Joe D

Its Wednesday which means another gem from the good folks at Working Class Music. Yamin & Illastrate drop another unreleased track titled “Brian Nichols” feat Joe D. Be sure to head over to the bandcamp and cop this if you like what you hear.

Tuesday – Blessings Feat. Willi Dudat

We keeping the party going with Yamin & Illastrate I hope yall ready for MondayFriday. Today we give you Tuesday’s track titled “Blessings” featuring Willi Dudat. Be sure to support and head over to the bandcamp to purchase this track for Name Your Price if you feeling this –>

Monday – Classmates Feat. Sean MC, Señor Kaos, & Blc Txt

To kick off Monday/Friday album release that’s releasing this Friday August 14,2015, Yamin along with producer Illastrate bring you their first bonus cut “Classmates” feat Sean MC, Senor Kaos, & Blc Txt TrackS. Be sure to stay tune for Tuesday track tomorrow. You can also check out this track on their bandcamp page for a Name Your Price option –>

Classic Hip Hop Battles

On this episode, we discussed some of hip hop’s greatest battles, great diss records, their relevance in hip hop history, and some hip hop battles that NEVER happened. Co-hosted by eclectik

Is Chip Kelly Really A Racists? | DES Podcast Excerpt

Chip Kelly has been accused of being a racist again by another ex-Eagle. What’s up with all of these accusations? Is it sour grapes? We discuss the latest news surrounding Chip Kelly and his uncomfortable nature around certain cultures.

Thoughts On Ghostface Killah Vs Action Bronson

Action Bronson stepped in it. He went too far in comments made on ESPN’s Sportsnation. To say Ghostface Killah wasn’t all to pleased about it is an understatement. Ghostface recorded a response a set the Internet on fire. This was before Meek Mill and Drake even became a thing. We sat down and discussed Action’s comments and Ghostface Killah reaction.

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