Josh Munn Interview (featuring Josh Munn and Bryce Knight)

Josh Munn & his exclusive producer Bryce Knight come to the show for the latest episode of the local artists series. The two have formed a dynamic 1-2 punch in the Hip–Hop world and are taking over the community. In their first ever official interview they talk about the process of how they began their working relationship, the mixtape that was never dropped, spending 6 months without putting out music, all other struggles and how they re-captured the momentum of the community. All of this plus they announce their upcoming project for the first time on-air.  

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The 2016 NBA Season is Over! (Featuring Chris Phillips)

Chris & I recap the epic game 7 and where it stands against the best games in NBA history, how history will remember this series, Lebron’s excellence and Curry’s struggles, what the Warriors need to do to improve, and also recapping all the great moments of what might have been the best NBA season ever. 

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WE GOT A GAME 7!!! (Featuring Noah Lofman)

Noah Lofman of Palace of Pistons joins to talk game 6 thoughts, Ayesha Curry’s tweet, Lebron’s greatness and much more! Enjoy!

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top 5 Hip Hop groups of all time

On this podcast, we break down the CERTIFIED TOP 5 HIP HOP GROUPS OF ALL TIME. Special guest host, eclectik. We are two dudes who are tenured in hip hop. Listen to the podcast. If you agree or disagree, let us know.

Here’s the criteria…

1. Must have at least 2 albums

2. Must have at least 1 album that you deem a CLASSIC

3. Must have at least 2 MCs that have rapped on at least 2 albums (For example, Gang Starr & BDP would not qualify)

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Local Artists: The Beginning (Featuring Chris Adams & Nick Heal)

This episode is the start of a mini series within the Strictly Hip-Hop series called “Local Artists.” This series captures the life of local artists and their journey to success and the triumphs and tribulations that they encounter. in the first episode my guests are two local Hip-Hop artists who are making noise in their community and doing so in different ways. both artists reflect on their beginnings, what inspired them, how the internet helps or hurts them, marketing and strategy plus much more.

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Webster’s Lab 2 Review (featuring Clarissa)

The podcast is a review of Chris Webby’s latest mixtape titled Webster’s Labatory 2. Enjoy!

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tales of a 7th grade nothing

What happens when a stalker goes to Facebook and tries to put the moves on me. Comedy ensues. Listen

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Top 5 90’s Groups (Featuring Mac Wilson)

Mac Wilson makes his debut as we debate the top 5 90’s Hip Hop groups. This is a classic!

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