Warriors Advance Plus a Check-In With The Eastern Conference Fin

Long time friend Aaron Johnson of Palace of Pistons, DefPen, and now Clutch Points is back on the podcast to discuss the Warriors advance to their 5th straight NBA Finals but are they better now without KD? Plus a check-in with the Eastern Conference Finals matchup, Is this going to be a long series? 

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Guest: Aaron Johnson 

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This week, we revisit the Roe vs. Wade anti-abortion laws (7:50) that are being passed left and right. We discuss if we would let the person in front of us pick out your food (26:00), Arnold Schwarzenegger getting drop kicked in South Africa (38:00), and people bathing in pools (47:00) and clone-a-willy (57:38).  We wrap up with comment commentary (1:04:55) and finish with the Pass the Mic segment (1:10:00).

The Daily: The Legal Vulnerability of Roe v. Wade

When a midget falls into the water #2 try not to laugh:

Arnold Schwarzenegger got drop kicked and

Half of Americans use swimming pool instead of shower:\

ProJared Exposed

The Dead End Consortium is back at it again! This week was all topics and some odd confessions. Unions are nice but games are better if you as kDelta, White supremacists are spreading hate (what’s new about that). Please hide your kids! Hide your wives! And hide your husbands too cause Projared out here! 

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the trip to the hospital…

Have you ever been admitted to a hospital because you were ill? For most people, their experiences with hospitals are pleasant. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a pleasant experience. Check out this week’s episode of The 12Kyle Podcast as I share two comical stories about being in a hospital.

the trip to the hospital…

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Bye Ayesha

This week, we focus a lot on the ladies. We kick things off talking about the new Pro-Life Republican Bill (16:15), Ayesha Curry (48:16), Loqueesha (1:14:36), and close out the show with comment commentary (1:22:45). No pass the mic segment this week. If you have a question, email it to us at 

5 Love Languages feat. Dr. Love Joy

This week  on Black Korea Shelton talks about the Rockets-Warriors series and the horrible officiating, Kyler Murray is too short to play QB, we discuss a former bus driver gets no jail time even though he admits to rape, Dr. Love Joy helps us explore the 5 Love Languages and we finish up with One Gotta Go. Check us out next week where we discuss How To Become A K-Pop Star. 

Does Release Windows & Real Estate Exist in Hip-Hop Today? (Featuring Spike Lou of OnDeckTV Podcast)

You’ve been hearing it all year on my podcast and many others, “this summer is going to be crazy for hip-hop” well now the summer is here so it’s the perfect time to have this discussion. Spike Lou of the OnDeckTV podcast returns to discuss if window releases and hip-hop real estate even matter. To have this conversation we look back at the history of the music landscape and also cook up some hypothetical cases to test our theories.

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Guests: Spike Lou

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