A lot hit the fan this week and we attempt to cover as much as we can. Joining us this week is actor Starlett Hill to weigh in on Paul George’s decision to leave Indiana and much more. Oh, and you HAVE to hear her reaction to the Dwight Howard trade news that broke during the recording of this podcast. Sports opinions definitely collided this week on our topic of super teams. You have to hear that discussion and let us know who’s side you’re on. Here’s a rundown of the topics:

* Paul George’s decision to leave Indiana (3:06)
* Would PG13 close the gap with GSW (19:30)
* Dwight Howard traded to the Hornets (25:34)
* Celtics trading the #1 pick to the Sixers (w/@QGotNoRings) (29:35)
* Lebron may leave Cleveland (50:05)
* Are super teams here to stay (1:07:30)https://soundcloud.com/twelve-kyle/super-teams-in-the-nba-are-not-new
* Clippers shopping DeAndre Jordon (1:31:35)
* Lakers shopping #2 pick (1:32:46)
* Mayweather vs. McGregor (1:34:32)
* Final Thoughts
* Beezy – Tiger Woods (1:45:51)
* Raf – (1:48:00)
* Ken – 1:49:10)
* Starlett – Knicks trading Porzingus (1:50:30)
* Kyle – OJ Simpson (1:51:15)

Link to 12Kyle’s podcast on Superteams: https://soundcloud.com/twelve-kyle/super-teams-in-the-nba-are-not-new

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