The NBA’s Ben Simmons and Greek Freak made a lot of noise in the first week of the basketball season. This week, we explore how good both can be. We also give you our World Series picks, discuss fraud NFL teams, and name sports teams we hate.

Here is today’s outline:

1:15 — NCAAF, MLB, NBA, NFL — What stood last week in sports
17:15 — World Series predictions 
27:34 — Buying or Selling — Jaguars, Bills, & Eagles
41:11 — How good can the Timberwolves be? 
46:31 — How good can the Sixers be? 
56:44 — Is Ben Simmons the future? 
1:10:44 — Is Greek Freak the truth?
1:21:54 — Most hated sports teams — What teams do you hate in each sport?
1:35:28 — 1 gotta go — from @1gottago (on twitter)

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