The first episode of a new hip hop podcast series by Conner Ennis of Kick Back Hip Hop and Chris Platte of Strictly Hip-Hop and Strictly Hoop Talk. This podcast will be a once a week hip hop podcast consisting of 3 segments. An interview of a person inside the hip hop industry (an artist, producer, music critic, other hip hop podcasters, etc.), a segment breaking down all the big news in hip hop that week, and the last segment is a fan mailbag where you the fans can submit any hip hop questions and we will answer them! This truly is a podcast where fans control and drive the content and success of the show! All this and more will be explained in this podcast. Since this is the first episode we also give the listeners a breif background of our involvement in the hip hop community and tackle the biggest news stories of the last week in the hip hop community. This weeks topics include a tribute to Tupac Shakur after last week’s 21st anniversary of his passing, Nas celebrates his birthday and we discuss the status of the reported upcoming Nas album, young artist Russ and his beef with media, and lastly Macklemore’s upcoming album dropping this week titled “Gemini.” Does anyone still care about Macklemore? Will we still listen to this album? We discuss.


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