Month: August 2019

Ghosted ft. Tyelerr Durden (Dead End Gaming)

We back like cooked crack! In this episode, Modest Media is out but sitting in for him, gracing us with her presence, is Tyelerr Durden from Dead End Gaming


JAY-Z vs. Kaep | OnDeckTV Podcast & NoDissRespect Collab (feat. Ken from DeadEndHipHop)

The black community has been in an uproar ever since the news broke about the Roc Nation/NFL partnership and it has sparked multiple conversations about social justice reform, questioning people’s true intent when it comes to the black agenda, and if you are allowed to profit off of activism.

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood Movie Review [SPOILERS]

In this episode, we review Quentin Tarantino’s 9th film “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood”. We discuss what we think is the true meaning and purpose of this movie, who stood out in their role between Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, and what’s next for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming 10th and possibly final film.

Is Quentin Tarantino Overrated?

In this episode the crew has a in-depth discussion about the Academy Award winning director Quentin Tarantino. We talk about his filmography and which ones are standout classics, how he has helped the career of some famous African-American actors, and also point out the problematic controversies that surround him on and off camera. 

Insomniac Bought Out ft. Nicky Dusse (NoDissRespect Podcast)

The return of a legend! This week on DEG we felt the return of an OG. Ken decided to fuck with us. We also got a guest appearance from Mr. Dissrespect himself Nicky Dusse from the NoDissRespect, Frames Per Second, and Dead End Sports podcasts. We needed all the help we could get to tackle Sony buying Insomniac, Gamescom, and the possibility of another NBA LIVE. 

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Is Jay Z A Sellout?

Time Stamps:

Word of the Day (11:48)

Facts Only (15:58)


Leaving the nest (18:39)

Jay Z & the NFL (33:25)

13 minute mark

Beezy’s Rogue Phone (1:20:54)

Top 10 Madlib Collab Albums (1:27:31)

Talking on the phone (1:34:12)

Comment Commentary (1:53:43)

Pass the Mic (1:56:28)

AGS 26 – “The mind of Vince McMahon” (featuring Rich Fann)

This week Manny is joined by Rich Fann host of PW Torch’s “The Deep Dive with Rich Fann” and cohost of the”East Coast Cast” to recap SummerSlam, is Seth Rollins top guy material?, AEW, and psychoanalyzing Vince McMahon, and more.

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Ugly God Bumps n Bruises Review

This week the lowed crew is back discussing ASAP Rocky’s ongoing situation in Sweden, Bobby Schmurda’s release date and Atlanta’s new E-Bike rules. Next, find out how iconic Spongebob characters are in their top 3 TV show characters of all time. Then, find out if Ugly God’s latest project is a Bump for the summer or a Bruise in his career.