Month: July 2019

Rap Debate: Earl Sweatshirt vs Tyler, The Creator

Nemo and Huey go head to head in a debate over a rap battle between Earl Sweatshirt And Tyler, the creator, Lil Nas X comes out as gay, then the crew discusses their top 3 lowmid stories.

Sonic Mania is the Best Sonic Game Ever

Having a *meh* week? Let the Dead End Consortium cheer you up! This week we discuss Nintendo Switch Lite, Ubisoft Uplay Plus, and GameStop’s new direction. Hopefully, you like it. 
Our Smash Tournament on the 27th is all full! But that doesn’t mean you can’t come out and support in person. 

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Dreamville Revenge Of The Dreamers III Album Review (Featuring Spike Lou of OnDeck TV)

The time is now! J. Cole’s label Dreamville has finally released what has been one of the most anticipated hip hop albums of this year which means I had to get one of the most anticipated guests on the podcast my guy Spike Lou from OnDeck TV! Was this long awaited album worth the anticipation? Find out!

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Guest: Spike Lou

Twitter: @IamSPIKELoU
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AGS 23 – “A Return to Hawkins” (featuring Raph cohost of Oversaturated: The Podcast)

This week, Manny is joined by Raphael aka Raph of Oversaturated: The Podcast to discuss the Russell Westbrook trade, what is the best basketball movie of all time?, and Stranger Things 3, and more

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Kawhi Leonard x Paul George Join Forces

Here is a raw audio recording of Kinge and Feefo discussing Kawhi Leonard and Paul George teaming up to play for the Clippers, Russell Westbrook’s situation pre-trade, summer league rookies, Knick’s outlook, and if Kawhi Leonard is being overhyped. 

Dreamville ROTD3 Review

On this episode the lowmid crew dives into the unfortunate case surrounding ASAP Rocky and his situation in Sweden, next they discuss Blueface and the drama involving him and his family, then they get into their top 3 worst sequels of all time before closing with a killer show and tell, a Revenge of the Dreamers review.