Month: June 2019

Halfway Through 2019 (Featuring OnDeck TV & Dead End)

2019 is halfway over so while I was in Atlanta I got the Avengers of hip-hop all on one podcast! Animal Brown and Spike Lou of Ondeck TV, Ken Inge, Myke C-Town of Dead End Hip-Hop and Nick D’usse of the No DisRespect & Frames Per Second Podcasts. All of us come together for one massive conversation about all the music in 2019 so far plus some barbershop talk about some of the big artists in the game like Wale, Big Sean and more!

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XXL Freshmen Exposed!

lowmid breaks down this year’s XXL Freshmen class, next they get into their top 3 XXL Freshmen classes of all time, and present some funny show and tells ranging from a weird fact about the human body to “Dick Yelp”. Finally, they close with an in-depth review of Lil Nas X’s debut EP, 7. Is he a one hit wonder? Or a star in the making?

RIP Etika

A pretty somber tone for the DEG team this week. On this episode, they address the loss of Etika to the gaming community, Gears 5, and those damn commercials in 2k. There are also a couple of random topics thrown in to keep things fresh. Hopefully, you enjoy!
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When They See Us

This week on Black Korea, we discuss Netflix’s docu-series “When They See Us”. We start off the show talking about eating chicken feet; check out our YouTube channel to watch our food vlog. In this episode, the crew gives their thoughts and opinions about the series and how it relates to real life. It definitely gets heated, skip to 1:04 if you want to step into the kitchen. 

40 Acres and A Back Headbutt

What up! We’re back this week with a new episode discussing the following topics:

Reparations (1:11)
Kyle Kashuv losing his Harvard Admission (20:25)
Clarence Thomas (29:44)
LaVar Ball’s ESPN Ban (34:18)
Naming the 90’s (53:08)
Cell phones causing horns to grow in the back of people’s heads (58:00)
Star Wars mistake hidden in plain site (1:04:30)

We wrap up with comment commentary (1:07:06) and the pass the mic segment about being barely black (1:15:07).

What Do the Lakers & Celtics Do? Plus Top Free Agent Speculation (Featuring Cranjis Mcbasketball of the B-ball Index)

Tim of the Basketball Index returns to the pod to talk about how Anthony Davis affects the Lakers cap space, Boston likely losing Kyrie and Al Horford, plus a quick prediction for where each top FA goes.

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Guest(s): Cranjis Mcbasketball

Twitter: @T1m_NBA, @The_BBall_Index

2019 NBA Draft Recap (Recorded Live)

This episode, we recap and react to the 2019 NBA Draft in real time starting with picks 11. 

Here are the timestamps:

Anthony Davis Trade Kicker 
Cam Reddish and Atlanta Hawks Outlook (10:40)
Zion Williamson (19:11)
Best GM’s in the League (25:17)
KD Sign and Trade (37:00)
Is RJ the best player in the draft? (53:00)
Did the Jazz give up to much for Conley (57:00)
Darius Garland (59:00)
Jarrett Culver (1:04:00)
Coby White (1:11:00)
Jaxon Hayes (1:17:00)
Bazley Internship prospect (1:18:00)
LaMelo (1:19:00)
Nassir Little (1:22:00)
Dylan Windler (1:28:00)
Chris Paul (1:30:00)
Kyrie (1:31:00)
Kawhi Leonard (1:37:00)
Rui Hachamuri & the Wizards (1:38:00)
Jordan Poole (1:43:00)
Rob Pelinka failures (1:45:00)
B calls another pick (Keldon Johnson (1:46:30)
Kevin Porter Jr (1:56:00)