Month: May 2019

Is Gaming Disorder a Real Thing?

Let’s talk games! The Dead End Consortium is back at it. This week we discuss the odd fate of the upcoming Sonic movie, Netflix having something to announce at E3, and the likelihood of any of them having a gaming disorder. 
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NBA Finals Preview (Featuring Lior Kozai of Def Pen and Raptors Rapture)

An in-depth preview from the perspective of each team. From matchups to tactics, this episode covers all sides.

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Guest: Lior Kozai

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Snapchat’s Baby Filter

This week, we do the Snapchat’s Baby Filter Challenge!! Check out the pics on our Instagram right here:

We also cover the backlash to Robert Smith’s charitable donation to Morehouse Graduates of 2019. We give an update on Harvey Weinstein (29:25), Aretha Franklin’s Will (36:51), Harriet Tubman and Lil Nas X (43:39). We close out topics with a black hair school for adoptive parents (52:36) and Sonic pushing their movie back (1:05:36). We wrap up with Comment Commentary (1:09:05) and the Pass the Mic Segment (1:14:48).

AGS 19 – “A Whirlwind in Queens” (Featuring Dan Labriola)

This week, Manny is joined by Dan Labriola host of the The Duke Nation Podcast and avid Mets Fan to recap the 2018-2019 Duke Basketball season, 2019 Recruiting class, A tumultuous week of Mets baseball, and more.

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John Wick 3 Movie Review [SPOILERS]

In this episode we review the third film in the John Wick franchise and discuss all of the breathtaking action sequences, how the story of John Wick gets better with every movie, and we dive into why this specific franchise has become the biggest action trilogy since “The Matrix”. 

Using The N Word Freely

This week on Black Korea, we talk about another hip-hop shooting as artist Yo Gotti’s tour bus was shot at, 50 Cent confirms Power Season 6 will be its final installment, Andy meets Mr. Black Korea himself Hines Ward, Tiffany gets extremely passionate discussing Alabama’s new abortion ban, Shelton talks about Zion Williamson to the Pelicans and our main topic; Using The N-Word Freely. Many other cultures feel it’s OK to use this word, is it? We finish the show by finding out what gets KP in the mood and everyone’s favorite One Gotta Go!!! Don’t miss out on a jam-packed episode that is funny, serious and everything in between!

Netflix’s Black Summer Season 1 Review

We review season 1 of Netflix’s Black Summer series. Black Summer is set in the “Z Nation” universe and follows a group of survivors trying to make it to safety.