Month: April 2019

Asian Privilege In America

This week Black Korea talks about Zion Williamson and March Madness, popular Korean sports and players, why Jussie Smollett’s case was dropped, & our main topic: Asian Privilege. In today’s America minorities are still being discriminated against, but are Koreans and African Americans in the same boat? 

Black Korea Says Goodbye to Nipsey Hussle

On the very first episode of Black Korea we open with talking about the shooting and passing of Nipsey Hussle, American vs Korean marriage proposal traditions, trolling parents, Korean boy bands and their sexual exploits & one has to go; Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse or Beyonce! The cast & crew; Andy, Shelton, Tiffany, and KP all introduce themselves and give insight as to why there’s nothing like Black Korea on the internet!

A Nerdcast Recapping Wrestlemania 35

THE G.O.A.T. recaps Wrestlemania 35 and the impact of a black man winning it all. He also recaps Shazam!. 

AGS 15 – “Dalbin and the Jets”

This week, Manny recaps Wrestlemania 35 weekend, Previews the NBA Playoffs, then later is joined by Dalbin Osorio Lead writer and podcaster for TurnOnTheJets .com, social worker, community organizer, and activist to discuss the Jets’s offseason moves, the 2019 NFL Draft, his start in politics, and more.

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Quarter 1 Recap for Hip-Hop (Featuring Will Gill)

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Guest: Will Gill of Hip-Hop Review Podcast 

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Pet Sematary Review (SPOILERS)

In this episode we are reviewing the remake of one of Stephen King’s most famous film adaptations Pet Cemetery. We discuss how this movie compares to the 1983 novel and our reactions to the changes they made from the 1989 movie.

Shazam! Review (SPOILERS)

This episode we are reviewing DC’s latest standalone superhero film Shazam! In this review, we discuss our likes and dislikes with the overall tone of the film, whether or not this movie was targeted for kids or adults, and if DC is finally getting their brand on track.

NBA Playoff Preview (Featuring Brad Tunney)

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