Month: April 2019

The Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3 ‘The Long Night’ (ft. Tyelerr Durden) Recap [SPOILERS]

Winter is finally here! In this SPOILER FILLED episode, we discuss the intense war between the White Walkers and the people of Winterfell, why the show decided to keep a lot of the core characters alive, and how Arya has become the show’s biggest hero.

AGS 16 – “Whatever It Takes” (Featuring Justin Trible)

This week, Manny is joined by Justin Trible to recap the 2019 NFL Draft, the NBA Playoffs, Avengers Endgame, and more.

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Two Can Play That Game (feat. Modest Media & Naturally Na)

In this episode we are discussing relationships and the reality of marriage from the lens of movies and tv shows. We are covering everything from what makes people want to get married, Is it necessary to know your partner’s past, and how fundamental is sex within a serious relationship.

Beyonce Homecoming Review

In this episode, we review one of Netflix’s new original specials “Homecoming”. This Netflix special is dedicated to Beyonce’s Coachella performance so we are breaking down the live performance, the documentary style behind the scenes footage, and whether or not this iconic moment is the beginning of the end when it comes to her career.

Modern Hip Hop? | lowmid Podcast

Notre Dame went up in smoke, Childish Gambino released some weird commercials for new shoes, and the people want to know our opinion on modern hip hop!   We also talk about the top 3 best moments of our childhood. We, of course, have another interesting show and tell segment. Not to mention Nemo gives us a follow up on the bustling Atlanta music scene before our review of Smokepurrp’s “lost planet” mixtape.

Mortal Kombat 11 Is Here!

In this week’s episode, the whole team is back in the house! Obviously, they dig into Mortal Kombat. They also weigh in on Gamestop and the new discless Xbox. They also talk about the PC Master race for those few fans who aren’t represented. Also don’t forget about the MK11 tournament on May 11th in Atlanta, GA at Dead End Studios! If you’re in the area sign up

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Kawhi AND KD?!

This week, we discuss our reactions round 1 of the NBA Playoffs thus far.

  • BOS/IND series
  • Has Boston finally gotten it together?
  • Philly/Nets series
  • Portland/OKC series
  • Is Westbrook overrated or has his style of play outdated?
  • Can Portland make a deep run this postseason?
  • Our predictions on the GS/HOU series?
  • Can the Clippers get Kawhi & KD?
  • TOR/ORL series
  • Do we trust Toronto in the second round?
  • MIL/DET series
  • Will Giannis let us down this season?
  • DEN/SA series

southernplayalisticadillacmuzik…25 Years Later

OutKast released their debut album, southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, on April 26, 1994. This album was groundbreaking and opened the doors for southern hip hop. On this week’s episode of The 12Kyle Podcast, we’ll reflect, celebrate, and break down this album.

southernplayalisticadillacmuzik..25 Years Later

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