Month: March 2019

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 15 Recap: The Calm Before

The Frames Per Second podcast reviews episode 15 of The Walking Dead, The Calm Before. 

The fair at the Kingdom is underway, with all four communities coming together in celebration for the first time in years; while some pacts are renewed, other deals will come at a much steeper price.

Apple Arcade, State of Play, New Switch Consoles?

We discuss Apple jumping into the gaming business and if that’s the way of the future. We also touch on Playstation’s State of Play and why Nintendo would introduce two new switch consoles. 

Top 3 Pornstars

Pornstars, Daniel Ceaser, man weave, The American flag, the best comedians of all time, and defending black women. All this and more only on your moms favorite podcast.

life’s lessons…

On this week’s episode of The 12Kyle Podcast, we will talk about some of the important lessons that you learn in life. From friendships to goal setting, we hit on a few topics that most of us are experiencing as the years go by.

life’s lessons…

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Duke Survives, Boston Struggles, Giannis vs. Harden, Big Baller Brand Dead

Tonight, we discuss: How far can this Duke team go? What NBA team should draft Ja Morant? Do players know how to be coached? Do coaches need to change their style? *Referring to the Tom Izzo situation* Any changes to y’all Final Four picks? Let’s talk about Boston… Let’s talk about Portland… Did Giannis hurt his MVP chances by his comments on not wanting to be the face of the league? Is BBB dead? Gronk Retires Jon Gruden says he “cried for 3 days” after trading Khalil Mack 

The Worst Part of Daniel Caesar (ft. Huey Revolution from Low Mid podcast)

This week, we open with our highlights of the week (2:10), hit #FactsOnly (20:50), and Daniel Caesar (25:43). We also touch on Shaq partnering up Papa Johns (44:50) and white people stealing black culture (49:10). We close out with our Comment Commentary (1:02:08) and the Pass the Mic Segment (1:28:44).

The Strictly Hip-Hop Albums/Mixtape March Madness Bracket (Featuring Spike Lou)

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Us Movie Review [SPOILERS]

This movie review contains spoilers!! The Frames Per Second cast reviews Jordan Peele’s movie US. Adelaide Wilson and her husband, son, and daughter returns to a beachfront home where she grew up as a child. When four masked strangers show up to their house, the Wilsons are forced to fight for their survival. Is US another Jordan Peele masterpiece? Is it even a good movie? We discuss it all in this episode. 

Listen to our Captain Marvel review here.