Month: October 2018


This week, we discuss XXXTentacion’s audio recording, the maga bombs, black conservatives, and more. And in this pass the mic question, we talk about the most disturbing movie we’ve watched. Just in time for Halloween!

Time Stamps:
XXXTentacion audio (7:00)
MAGA Bombing (33:00)
Conservative Black Folks (40:39)
Voting (51:45)
Black girl on Dr. Phil
Megan Kelly (1:18:09)
Pass the Mic (1:22:17)

GraveDiggaz 6 Feet Deep Halloween Special (Featuring Cheese and Will Gill)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! To celebrate the spooky holiday we visit one of the spookiest albums in hip hop history 6 Feet Deep by GraveDiggaz. This podcast is a crossover episode with Will Gill of the Hip Hop Review Podcast and Cheese of Crushalot Podcast!

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Guest: Will Gill

Twitter: @Iam_willgil

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Guest: Cheese 

Twitter: @crushalotCHEESE 

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Hue, Lue, Haley, Winston: You’re Fired

In this episode, we react to the firings of Hue Jackson and Todd Haley, Ty Lue, and Jameis Winston’s benching. We also hit a few random basketball topics here and there.

Time stamps:

Hue Jackson and Todd Haley fired (:09)
Lue Fired (30:34)
Melo Washed, Jimmy Buckets, Paul George money grab (43:33)
Winston Fired (57:51)
Ty Montgomery Blunder (1:22:15)
Lakers (1:38:04)
Fitz named the starter (1:40:05)
DeRozen (1:40:52)

The Walking Dead Season 9 Ep 3 Recap: No Exceptions

Here is our recap of the third episode of The Walking Dead, ‘Final Warning.’ Rod also brings his receipts showing the moments Rick was a boss.

Time stamps:
Initial thoughts (:15)
A vs. B (4:05)
Rod’s Rick Grimes conspiracy theory (9:33)
Oceanside scene (18:00)
Is Michonne a boss? (19:51)
Did Maggie screw up? (27:40)
Rod’s Rick’s receipts (40:15)

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EP 2 – A Nerdcast on Wrestling | ATL Nerdcast

Mecha Kidd and THE GOAT discuss wrestling and more on this week’s ATL Nerdcast.

slow jams tape

Back in the day, there was a time when you would create a slow jams tape to play when you were spending time with that special someone. The question is…which songs make the tape? On this podcast, I talk about the songs that SHOULD make on your slow jams tape! Vibe with me. LISTEN & let me know what you think!

slow jams tape