Month: September 2018

Dead End Gaming Ep 8: Leaving the Nest

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We got a logo! And now we’re moving on to our own separate channel and eventually, we’ll be on your favorite podcast app. We will be live on podcast apps soon.

In this episode, we talk about Spider-Man and chicken, Devil May Cry 5’s micro-transactions, and more.

Coming To A Hood Near You III

The dynamic duo is holding it down on PT. III of the “Coming To A Hood Near You” series. On this episode, we are reviewing season 5 of the hit Starz show Power and we also are DISScussing season 3 of the hit HBO show Insecure.

they died…we cheered

On this week’s episode of The 12Kyle Podcast, we take a look back at the reaction to the OJ Simpson murder trial acquittal. On October 3, 1995 Simpson was found not guilty and the world reacted. I share my thoughts on the reaction. Also, we will talk about an interview where OJ “hypothetically” details a dream that he had in which he killed his ex wife and her friend. Listen and let me know what you think.

Bench Winston

We debate Winston vs. Fitz, Josh Gordon’s impact, Dak’s lack of production, Mahomes, and more. It’s an episode filled with arguments.

89 | No No No: Katt, Bert and Ernie

This episode was pre-recorded before Kevin Hart responded. We’ll address his response in the next episode.


Katt Williams vs. Wanda Smith (1:15)
Michael B. Jordan (25:50)
Bert n Ernie (34:38)
Drake (44:40)
Pass the Mic (1:03:19)

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Insecure Season 3, Episode 6 Recap: Know When It’s Real (ft. Naturally Na)

We recap Episode 6 of Insecure’s third Season w/ special guest Naturally Na. ‘Ready-Like’ focuses in on the return on Lawrence to Insecure.

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Lawrence back (1:07)
Kelly vs. Tiffany (21:35)
Dro vs. Molly (23:36)
Molly vs. Asians (28:45)
Nanceford vs. Nathan (31:00)

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