The NFL and NCAA football seasons are coming to a close as we enter playoff season. Last weekend, two teams advance to the National Championship title game after Georgia topped Baker Mayfield and the Oklahoma Sooners while Alabama dispersed of Clemson in a National Title rematch. In today’s show, we pick our winner between the Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide.
The NFL Wildcard kicks off this weekend. We give you our winner from each matchup.
Afterwards, we move to the NBA taking a look at the stretch of bad calls that cost some teams an L. 
Finally, we close out the topics with a convo on Isaiah Thomas’s return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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Show Outline:
6:57 — Who wins the National Championship?
19:00–Did UCF (13–0) deserve consideration?
27:53 — Titans vs. Chiefs
31:47 — Falcons vs. Rams
37:12 — Bills vs. Jaguars
41:00 — Panthers vs. Saints
46:50 — NBA Refs
1:03:53 — IT3’s return
1:33:13 — Final Thoughts

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