The NFL Kickoff is tomorrow and this week, we give you our preview of the NFL season! As usual, this years preview is full of stunning surprises with the usual to go along with the usual suspects. Also, during this discussion, we debate the elite status of Russell Wilson and Ben Rothliesberger. Here’s the rundown:

5:31 – What team(s) are you looking forward to seeing? Why?

14:53 – What game(s) are you looking forward to seeing? Why?

18:50 – Who wins the AFC East? Why?

22:41 – Who wins the AFC South? Why?

28:27 – Who wins the AFC North? Why?

32:47 – Who wins the AFC West? Why?

39:21 – How many elite QB are in the NFL?

50:25 – Who wins the NFC East? Why?

1:00:49 – Who wins the NFC South? Why?

1:06:49 – Who wins the NFC North? Why?

1:14:15 – Who wins the NFC West? Why?

1:21:30 – What two teams make it to the Super Bowl?

1:27:26 – Closing thoughts

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