The NBA Playoffs kickoff tomorrow! On this weeks podcast, we give you our NBA Finals winner and why. We also talk about the pressure on Lebron James and Kevin Durant that led to a big back and forth (1:27:21) about the different in the path chosen by the two.

Before we get into the NBA, we hit other big storylines happening in the world of sports. We talk about Tiger Wood’s DUI, Michael Vick wanting to retire as an Atlanta Falcon, and the Bryce Harper/Hunter Strickland brawl.

Show notes:

Tiger Woods (2:28)
Michael Vick (22:32)
Bryce Harper (35:34)
Was the NBA Playoffs boring? (45:26)
Who has more pressure: Kevin Durant or Lebron James? (1:13:42)
Kevin Durant running from Lebron James to Golden State’s waiting arms (1:27:21)
NBA Finals Predictions (1:45:09)

– Q (1:45:23)
– Ken (1:47:42)
– Beezy (1:50:45)
– Kyle (1:53:27)

Final Thoughts (1:57:11)

– Q – Respekt Lebron James (1:57:18)
– Beezy – PK Subban (2:00:51)
– Ken – Sports media (2:02:32)
– Kyle – Shaq vs. Barkley (2:05:12)

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