Month: September 2016

Twenty88 Album Review (Featuring Clarissa)

Returning today is Clarissa who you may remember from the Chris Webby Webster’s Lab 2 review. On this podcast we review the Big Sean and Jhene Aiko joint album. To compliment the Hip Hop and R&B male-female duo Clarissa and I form our own male-female duo. Please rate, comment, subscribe and share! 

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Untitled Unmastered Album Review (Featuring Will Wade)

Will Wade returns for a review of this short 8 track EP is a collection of tracks made during the process of Kendrick Lamar’s critically acclaimed 2015 album release To Pimp a Butterfly that did not make the final album cut. Subscribe, share and support!!! 

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Home Again…20 Years Later

1996 was an incredible year for music. It was a groundbreaking year for hip hop. It was also a great year for R&B music. On September 10th, the legendary group, New Edition released their album, Home Again. It was the only album that featured all six members…Ronnie DeVoe, Michael Bivins, Ralph Tresvant, Johnny Gill, Ricky Bell, and Bobby Brown…together.

On this episode of the 12kylePodcast, we will discuss how this album came about. We will break down the album and the members of New Edition.

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DEHH Presents: Damone Tyrell – Catch 23

Dead End Hip Hop’s first official artist!

Here’s the first and only single “Catch 23” from the upcoming project, Dead End Hip Hop presents: Who the hell is Damone Tyrell?

Right now you know him as that young cat that said AZ was whack! Yeah, he’s regretting that statement EVERY DAY by not only ya’ll, but by us too! But in all seriousness, we would like you guys to check this project out on Friday September 16th! The whole crew really believes in him and we know you guys will to. A lot of work has went into this, so we hope you guys will enjoy it…and at some point forgive him for that statement, lol!

The project will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, and other steaming services.

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Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight Album Review (Featuring Will Wade)

Hello everyone I am back with another episode of Strictly Hip-Hop! Will Wade and I team up for an album review of Travis Scott’s newest LP “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” Please share and support this podcast! 

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you missed it…

The 80s and 90s were a great era for many things…especially to those who lived in the era. Some things were challenging. Other things were unique. But the 80s and 90s were special to a lot of people. Those eras remain very intriguing to those who were not born yet or too young to remember the era.

On this episode of the 12kyle Podcast, we’ll explore the 80s & 90s and discuss some things that you might have missed. From technology, music, pop culture…this was the last generation to know what it’s like to “live without the Internet.” We will also give you the certified Top 5 Things that We’ve Abandoned from the 80s & 90s

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