Month: December 2015

not Top 5

When it comes to making a “Top 5 list” for any category, it can be extremely subjective. Quite often, our personal preferences get in the way of us making a sound case for someone/something being worthy of a “Top 5” status. It can be tricky. But Top 5 lists are fun…and if nothing else…good for conversations and debates

On this podcast, I will discuss hip hop and some of its most beloved and respected MCs. However, instead of naming a Top 5 of the greatest MCs, I will examine the MCs who are quite often placed in many people’s Top 5…but I don’t think their lyrical prowess should be considered for the honor. Listen closely. I may drop some names that may surprise you. Am I right? Or am I wrong. Listen and tell me what you think!

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the last time that I got drunk

Do you remember the LAST time that you got drunk? Did you do something crazy or stupid? Did you get sick? Did you embarrass yourself? Do you even REMEMBER what happened???

Do you know what happens when you mix lifelong friends, liquor, a bachelor party, strippers, food, and a wedding together??? Shenanigans!!! Listen to this podcast and get my comical version about the last time that I got drunk! Let me know what you think. Also, share your story about the last time that you got drunk.

Modest Media Weighs In On Travis Scott’s Rodeo

Ken says that Travis Scott’s ‘Rodeo’ is not a Top 5 album. Modest Media responds with his thoughts on the project and Travis Scott overall. Plus Beezy lends his opinion on Travis’s and Kanye’s style of music.

Albums We Loved w/ Ken, Beezy, & Modest Media

Ken, Beezy, and Modest Media talk about albums that didn’t make their Top 10 list but loved this year. They also talk about not wanting to let Master P go and make one final attempt to convince Ken that Compton isn’t up to par.