Month: September 2015

Childhood Memories (throwback)


On this episode, I’m joined by the usual suspects…Rashan Jamal and eclectik.

This episode was recorded (8/29/12) but still entertaining. We kick it and reminisce about childhood and growing up in the 80s.

We present…Childhood Memories


On this episode, I’m joined by my homie, eclectik. The concept of this episode came about when I asked him to join me for a show. He agreed. He said “what are we going to talk about?” My response…”I’m not going to tell you!!!” Unlike any of the other episodes, he has NO IDEA what I’m going to ask him. The only thing that he knows is that it will be a ton of random, off the wall questions! The questions aren’t meant to “stump” him…or you…the listener…but they are questions that make you think! The questions are wide ranging and speak to your personality and thoughts. To his credit, eclectik did a phenomenal job. Check it out. We present…theRandoms

#LamesGetFlames (Cal Chuchesta Diss)

Cal Chuchesta had some choice words for our Myke C-Town concerning what he said about his “The New Calassic” mixtape. In his diss track “Mykey Come Back” Cal outlines his issues with Myke. Not to take beef lying down, here’s the MC Danglin Ballz response back. 

Twitter: @McDanglinBallz

Yelawolf Defends Confederate Flag


Yelawolf found himself in hot water in recent weeks with his comments over the Confederate flag. After the murder of 9 African-Americans in a South Carolina church by Dylann Roof, there has been near universal support in the removal of Confederate flag among many deep, southern states. Yelawolf, however, holds true to his convictions towards the flag and in a multitude of posts on Facebook and Instagram, lets us all know his stance towards the Confederate flag and how he feels about the attacks that it has undergone in recent months. This convo is about Yelawolf’s stance.

Hopsin – Pound Syndrome Album Review DEHH

Purchase: Hopsin – Pound Syndrom

Hopsin is back with Pound Syndrome. His new album and follow up from his 2013 effort Knock Madness. Just like his previous albums Hopsin handles all of the production himself with only features from his Funk Volume camp Jarren Benton, Dizzy Wright and Swizzz with DJ Hoppa on the cuts. Check out what we had to say about Pound Syndrome.

17 yrs old

Remember when you were 17 years old?

I think we saw the world and ourselves differently at the age of 17.

We were no longer kids but we had yet to step into adulthood.

On this episode, we took a look back at the 17 year old you.

Old vs New School Hip Hop Series Part 4: Is New School Respected?

Introducing a new series for you all. We will take, from time to time, an introspective look into hip hop and the growing divide between the youth in hip hop and the old heads in hip hop. We have received a quite a few request on this topic from you all. With a request of this nature, we felt that we could do more than just bring you a part 1, 2, or 3. We wanted to really explore this in detail and find the younger generation and obtain their feedback on their perceptions in hip hop and how it relates to them in their world today. Feefo can only represent his demographic to a certain point.

This will not be a running series but one that we bring to you as we produce them out. While you may find a pt 1 or 2 there, we really dive into specific topics as it relates to this series. We are really excited to bring this to you all and hope you enjoy it as well.

Shoutout to @ryanfalcone on of our first 40 subscribers!! Thanks for rolling with us for so long homie! Shoutout to @gmfgoon and J. Nyce for joining us this week as well! Enjoyed having you all on the show!