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Dead End Hip Hop

Hosted ByBeezy, Feefo, Myke, Rod, Kinge, Sophie

No politics. No B.S.

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Dead End Sports

Hosted ByBeezy, Feefo, Ken, Shelton, and Mr. DissRespect

The place where sports opinions collide!

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Dead End Gaming

Hosted ByBeezy, Ken, Eric V, Granddad Woolly, Tyelerr Durden

D.E.G is podcast based out of Atlanta, GA. The crew currently consist of Tyelerr Durden, Ken, Beezy430, Meanmuggah11 and Granddad Wolly. They talk about current gaming news, what games they are playing, significant gaming moments from history, and what they would like to see come back. Gaming has been part of their identities since they...

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Is the Mic Still On

Hosted ByKen, Beezy, Sophie, Myke, Feefo, Rod

If you’ve ever wondered what the #1 hip hop show on YouTube talks about when the cameras aren’t on, tune in every Wednesday for Is The Mic Still On. The guys…and gal, you love from Dead End Hip Hop: Beezy, Ken, Feefo, Myke, Rod and Sophie – are giving you exactly what you’ve been asking for. They...

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Chris Platte Presents: Strictly Hip Hop & Strictly Hoop Talk

Hosted ByChris Platte

Chris Platte intertwines 2 podcasts; Strictly Hip Hop is focused solely on Hip Hop while Strictly Hoop Talk focuses on the NBA. Each podcast covers a wide range of topics within their respective subject.

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Any Given Sunday

Hosted ByManuel Brown

The Any Given Sunday a real sports podcast from a real sports fan. Any Given Sunday Podcast is not your average sports podcast. This a hard-hitting and edgy Sports show with a blend of; Hip Hop, politics, and social commentary.

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ATL Nerdcast

Hosted ByMecha Kidd & the G.O.A.T

Atl Nerdcast is where MechaKidd and the G.O.A.T bring pop culture and geekcentric news straight from the rising epicenter of the nerd nation.

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Twelve Kyle

Hosted By12Kyle

Your favorite podcaster's favorite podcast. I do it all.

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Frames Per Second

Hosted ByNick, Myke, Ken, Beezy, Rod & Na

Frames Per Second Podcast covers all the hot topics and issues related to cinema with in-depth discussions and reviews on the films and television shows we watch today from the lens of the black perspective.

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The Lowmid Podcast

Hosted ByHuey Revolution, King Rahmil, Nemo the Zeus

Unfiltered opinions from the perspective of three next-gen leaders; Huey Revolution, King Rahmil, and Nemo The Zeus. Together they form the multimedia collective, “Lowmid”. listen to their genuine discussion on trending topics, weekly top 3 lists, and show & tell segments that go anywhere and everywhere!

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Hosted ByNicki Dusse & Swaff

Show based out of Atlanta discussing anything from local events to world wide issues. No topic is off limits. We may offend, but we mean #NoDissRespect.

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Black Korea

Hosted ByAndy, Shelton, Tiffany, KP

A fresh take on African American and Hip-Hop culture and how it has impacted Asia, specifically Korean culture. Covering current events, music and entertainment on a global scale. There’s nothing like Black Korea anywhere on the internet! For advertising opportunities please email PodcastPartnerships@Studio71us.com We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we...

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